Sven Skarie was born in Tok, Alaska in 1982 on a cold December night the day before Christmas. He grew up 16 years in that small town, living a life full of adventures and outdoor independence but craving the chance to live in a city.

In 1999 he moved to Saint Louis, MO and attended the private school of Principia. A small Christian Science based Private school. Educating on how to live a life full of integrity and deep emphasis on character development.

In 2004 he enrolled in Full Sail University’s film program and achieved an Associates of Arts in Film Making.

Shortly after in 2007 he began a career in Photography as a wedding photographer. In 2009 he moved to Austin Texas worked for Maggiano’s and Apple Computers (retail)

In 2011 he found his calling in the world of Residential Real Estate alongside his Step-Dad and current business partner, Chuck Bailey.