What it’s like to be in an all commission job!

As most of you know I am in the residential real estate industry which means that I am paid on results only. I am only paid when I get to the settlement table. 

There are few good things about this. 

  1. It offers me to ability to work 10 hours a week and still make the amount of money that I want. (If I choose – currently not able to do this) 
  2. It challenges me to constantly focus on priorities and get really good at what matters the most.
  3. Unlimited earning potential. (This is always potentially a myth)
  4. Lots of flexibility to spend time on health, with family, working on my relationships. 
  5. It teaches the experience of focus and constantly placing focus on what you “want”

There are numerous challenges which will sometimes keep most folks out of the industry or it will keep people from truly earning the kind of money that’s possible but it will also create a much more challenging emotional roller coaster. 

  1. It’s difficult to maintain composure when deals fall apart or when theres a big gap between deals/clients 
  2. It requires a ton of daily discipline in order to do what needs to be done. 
  3. It is very difficult to stay away from thinking about the money and constantly focusing on the value. 
  4. There’s always a gap between learning skills and applying them consistently in order to earn money. In real estate it’s likely 90 days from a new client to a closing. (Or MORE). 

The reason why I feel compelled to share this is because after 6 years in the business I am still not able to relax. I feel like the “bottom” will be dropping out and my financial world will be falling apart far too often. The ups and the downs really get to me. It’s one of the main reasons why I created this site. 

Life is a journey and I get caught up in the pursuit of my goals and material possessions. I get lost in my ambition and forgot the main reasons why I become enamored with the life of a highly paid home sales consultant. To be of service and provide tons of value to my clients. I want them to get the best deal possible – to cherish the place they call home and be able to sell and move up if/when the time is right. I also got into the business to feel the “freedom” that is possible when one has a strong amount of revenue and consistent business. It’s a great opportunity that is in front of me right now to learn how to feel that freedom right now. Without waiting for it to show up with my bank account. 

This is what BEING is all about in my opinion. Being available to the present moment and not too concerned with the future – whether that’s tomorrow, next week, or next month. Freedom really is about knowing that this moment is the only moment that matters and learning to live in the moment that exists now offers one freedom from the shackles of income, and heartbreak and suffering from any number of things that show up in the craziness of life.  I have begun meditation and using the app Calm for that as well as the Zen12 which is a program that offers 12 different levels of mediation. 

Meditation is helping me understand how the mind works and the natural flow of thoughts and thinking. I am really working hard to learn how to utilize the goals as direction but not getting emotionally connected to the result. I think Tim Ferris mentions in the 30 days of Genius with Chase Jarvis about learning to make decisions too small to fail and committing to a behavior or a choice, instead of an outcome. Knowing that the choice to write 2 crappy pages will get done as opposed to creating an oscar winning screenplay. I use this example because I’m a closet creative that has trouble committing to 2 crappy pages and hold myself back from just creating the habit of writing daily (outside from my 2-300 words morning pages each morning). 

Thanks for reading. I hope this has brought you something that helps. 

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