Being vs Becoming

In today’s fast moving world we are consistently bombarded with what’s possible in life.  Our social media accounts continue to allow us access to the people and companies we want to “follow” and be more like.  We are more connected than ever to the people and cultures on the other side of the world. It creates both an incredible opportunity and also our greatest challenge.


While being connected to the world in ways that has never before been possible it’s very difficult to maintain a purpose and stay focused on what you want for your life. Staying present in the moment and being the best version of yourself is more difficult than ever because we consistently find ways to invalidate our journey through connection to others and the ability to see what other people are up to.

One of my coaches reminded me of a couple of very important ideas: Try not be 30 before you become 30. This brought up a very important idea that I’ve been fighting with in my life experience.

The path towards ones vision is filled with choices and decisions. Waking up each day, we have an opportunity to look within and be all you are. It’s about recognizing the greatness that lies within your current set of circumstances. Being grateful for the moment you’re in and all that you have as well as recognizing that you are becoming who you aspire to be.

Sovereign-Being-1.jpgWhat is the difference between the two.

— Being is the present moment. You cannot “be” someone in the future. You will become someone in the future, but your role in life is BE all you are in this current moment. Step into that picture and own it. Your greatness waits for no one and no thing. It is a part of who you are today in this moment. As you scroll your social media today, do it with intention. Look for evidence of ways you can appreciate yourself and your journey. Look for others to help you in your quest to live your life fully. Don’t worry about becoming as that is the natural part of the journey. As you develop your vision and take intentional action you will eventually become that person you hold inside as the person you aspire to be.

Your only role in life to BE all of who you are today. Step into that role 100% and accept that responsibility. Regardless of the current conditions or circumstances you must continue to live in the present moment as much as possible without fear of the future or regret of the past.

Build your ideal life vision:

  1. If you had all the money, time and people in your life what would you be doing/having.
  2. What are 3 things you are grateful for in this moment. (revisit this one as much as you can/need to – emotion of gratitude is highest vibration)
  3. Look in the mirror and love yourself, for who you are, and also for who you aren’t yet.

We will always be growing, this is the constant in life. In the process of growing it’s important for you to stay in this moment and not let the outside world dictate how you feel or the direction of your life. Let yourself be guided by the internal voice – which is only available to you in the present moment. You will become whoever you most want to be. It will likely be messy and take a path that you least expect but that willl be the constant.

Show up, and BE yourself, without regard to the opinion of others. Thank them for their ideas and move forward with your vision burning brightly as to what you want and who you want to be.

What it’s like to be in an all commission job!

As most of you know I am in the residential real estate industry which means that I am paid on results only. I am only paid when I get to the settlement table. 

There are few good things about this. 

  1. It offers me to ability to work 10 hours a week and still make the amount of money that I want. (If I choose – currently not able to do this) 
  2. It challenges me to constantly focus on priorities and get really good at what matters the most.
  3. Unlimited earning potential. (This is always potentially a myth)
  4. Lots of flexibility to spend time on health, with family, working on my relationships. 
  5. It teaches the experience of focus and constantly placing focus on what you “want”

There are numerous challenges which will sometimes keep most folks out of the industry or it will keep people from truly earning the kind of money that’s possible but it will also create a much more challenging emotional roller coaster. 

  1. It’s difficult to maintain composure when deals fall apart or when theres a big gap between deals/clients 
  2. It requires a ton of daily discipline in order to do what needs to be done. 
  3. It is very difficult to stay away from thinking about the money and constantly focusing on the value. 
  4. There’s always a gap between learning skills and applying them consistently in order to earn money. In real estate it’s likely 90 days from a new client to a closing. (Or MORE). 

The reason why I feel compelled to share this is because after 6 years in the business I am still not able to relax. I feel like the “bottom” will be dropping out and my financial world will be falling apart far too often. The ups and the downs really get to me. It’s one of the main reasons why I created this site. 

Life is a journey and I get caught up in the pursuit of my goals and material possessions. I get lost in my ambition and forgot the main reasons why I become enamored with the life of a highly paid home sales consultant. To be of service and provide tons of value to my clients. I want them to get the best deal possible – to cherish the place they call home and be able to sell and move up if/when the time is right. I also got into the business to feel the “freedom” that is possible when one has a strong amount of revenue and consistent business. It’s a great opportunity that is in front of me right now to learn how to feel that freedom right now. Without waiting for it to show up with my bank account. 

This is what BEING is all about in my opinion. Being available to the present moment and not too concerned with the future – whether that’s tomorrow, next week, or next month. Freedom really is about knowing that this moment is the only moment that matters and learning to live in the moment that exists now offers one freedom from the shackles of income, and heartbreak and suffering from any number of things that show up in the craziness of life.  I have begun meditation and using the app Calm for that as well as the Zen12 which is a program that offers 12 different levels of mediation. 

Meditation is helping me understand how the mind works and the natural flow of thoughts and thinking. I am really working hard to learn how to utilize the goals as direction but not getting emotionally connected to the result. I think Tim Ferris mentions in the 30 days of Genius with Chase Jarvis about learning to make decisions too small to fail and committing to a behavior or a choice, instead of an outcome. Knowing that the choice to write 2 crappy pages will get done as opposed to creating an oscar winning screenplay. I use this example because I’m a closet creative that has trouble committing to 2 crappy pages and hold myself back from just creating the habit of writing daily (outside from my 2-300 words morning pages each morning). 

Thanks for reading. I hope this has brought you something that helps. 

What’s it like to hang out with millionaires!

img_0874I’m coming down off my first epic trip with a tribe of “Healthy Wealthy Men who Choose to Lead Epic Lives”. This is the tag line for a group of guys who constantly challenge themselves to “Grab Life Big”. The name of this group is GoBundance. In order to be a full member of the tribe you’ll need to have a minimum of 1 Million Net worth. If you’re currently not at that level that’s ok, because there’s a great group that developing and supporting folks on their journey to their first Million Net Worth. As of this writing 10 Millionaires have been created through this program.

M1 is the group that was formed when people started learning about GoBundance and weren’t at that level yet but still had an interest in being around the tribe. Since joining the M1 I’ve dramatically shifted my consciousness and how I think about things. My values are shifting too. It’s been an interesting journey because I am learning to look at life as a “Whole Life Millionaire.” Someone who values their Health and their “Wealth” (not just money) but Adventures, Contribution and Relationships as much as the money that’s created from being disciplined and focused.


So often in life we see on the outside “flashy” and think to ourselves, at least for me, that this person has it “made” and they must know something or have a leg up on me. It’s been quite the experience learning to let go of that limiting belief. A big part of the M1 journey has been on this inner game of wealth and really learning to create my own path. It’s been great connecting with others who have achieved successes in their life and are creating their path to wealth.

I believe that the great truth of being the average of the 5 people you spend the most of your time with absolutely is true. Getting around folks that uplift you and support the authentic version of yourself to help grow and develop the necessary parts to going out in the world and seeing the opportunity that exists.

A big part of the millionaire life is seeing that opportunity and learning how to serve or give of yourself to that need. During the epic trip to Whistler I met and hung out with Chris Lochhead, who’s the creator of the upcoming Podcast Legends and Losers. He’s dedicating time to elevating the truth behind the success. Helping dispel this myth of overnight success, and the flashy and tidy picture we’ve created in our minds that it’s “Easy” or that it comes quickly. So many sales pages have started “Selling” this concept that you can have it all in 90 days or less, and that just learn this facebook ninja trick or spend a few hours a day for 6 months and you’ll be able to create passive income.

These myths sidetrack us for the main objective which is to stay focused on our 20% until mastery is achieved. Whatever life you’ve chosen, one thing is true, play all out. Until it’s the right time to quit and do something out, it’s a choice you’ve made and it’s all you have. KEEP at it. Invest in yourself by getting around new people who may help you think different and learn new skills, but until you make the shift DIG in and Play all out. I’m speaking from experience here. I’ve got the shiny object syndrome and have bought into numerous courses and ideas that sidetrack me from my main purpose which is to connect deeply with folks who are looking for help and advice as they desire to invest in real estate and lay the groundwork for a solid financial future.

My journey into this has been filled with ups and downs and more of an experience filled life than one building a solid foundation for the future, but nonetheless I’m responsible for my choices and will continue to be disciplined and keep working to learn how to add greater and greater value and touch others through my BEING the man I want to be only then will I be able to find fulfillment in the things I do or Have.

Learning how to BE grateful for who I am today, and being present with that is my 2017 goal and ambition. Learning how to BE the man who has millions, instead of thinking that once I have a million dollars I can finally be that person whoever he is to my limited sense of self…..