Develop the standards of life that you live. This idea comes from Tony Robbins on self-mastery, (the link to the video will be at the end), which for me is an ever-present lesson on raising my life’s enjoyment. Learning to operate my life from a set of standards is something that isn’t taught nor is it encouraged or supported in our daily hustle. I believe it’s one of the most difficult tasks to begin. Epic Rituals deals with our life habits, which unless we’re able, to be honest with ourselves and be nonjudgemental, learning how to change who we are and what we do becomes quite the chore.

Here are a few of mine in what I consider the most important areas:

Health: Eat clean 90% of the time. For me this is a Ketogenic way of eating, high fat low carb. I exercise 4-5 times per week. Gym or Running or DailyBurn Home workout.
Business: Meet 3 new people each week. Create 4-5 New Deals each month. Add 2 new investments to my portfolio each year.
Relationships: Self-love. Be a light to the world. Share my gold with every individual I come into contact with. Invite friends weekly to connect and bond. Make it to Chicago 4 times per year minimum to connect with family.
Adventures: Take one small adventure per month. Go on two big adventures 7-14 days each.
Contribution: Lead and mentor others in my office and donate to worthy causes/nonprofits 3-6 times per year. Donate to a cause for each transaction.